Since 1992, we have been a valued partner in the TFL and LTL industry.

We have extensive experience and trust of our clients in international road transport. We carry out transport throughout Europe, the main directions of DE, CH, DK, FR, IT, ES, AT, PL Our team is a specialized, energetic, disciplined team, awarded by the Ministry for merits in transport, meeting the expectations of the most demanding. The extensive facilities base allow us to provide services at the highest European level. Our ISO certificates: PN-EN 9001: 2015 and PN-EN 14001: 2015 confirm the application of international quality and environmental standards.

We offer 200 sets for our customers: tractors + tilt semi-trailer XL Code 2.75H with a capacity of 90m3.

Transport is the main link in the logistics management of the supply chain, in connection with which we guarantee:

– high level of customer service,
– punctuality,
– reliability,
– flexibility,
– complexity, performance of our services.

For freight transported, we have the Civil Liability Insurance of the Forwarder for the amount of 500,000, -USD, and Carrier’s liability also for the amount of 500,000, -USD In addition, each car performing services for us has Carrier Civil Liability Insurance for a minimum of 100,000, -USD.

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