Our workshop is a certified category I unit. The high quality of our products and services is our hallmark. Our ISO certificates: PN-EN 9001: 2015 and PN-EN 14001: 2015 confirm the application of international quality and environmental standards.

We work on the most advanced diagnostic device JALTEST, the scope of which includes diagnostics in trucks, trailers, buses, delivery trucks, agricultural and construction machines. among others we read information such as: electrical diagrams, current values ​​of sensors, mechanical data, technical messages and many more.

Our specializations as part of our authorization are:
– repairs, warranty and post-warranty inspections of trailers, trailers and trucks
– quick and efficient liquidation of transport damages within the framework of the conducted activity

Our workshop consists of 14 modern repair stations, 25 years of professional experience, high-quality equipment and technologies. In addition, customers can take advantage of other services and comprehensively settle their matters in one place, we offer: storage, purchase, repair tires, perform a registration review of all types of vehicles on our OSKP, refueling at the Petrol Station LOTOS + AD Blue.

Our company offers:

  • Repair of trucks, trailers, trailers
  • Repairs and warranty inspections of trailers / authorizations /: SCHMITZ, WIELTON, KRONE, KOEGEL
  • Repairs and warranty inspections of osi / autoryzacje /: BPW, SAF
  • Possibility of liquidation of motor damage in lorries
  • Computer diagnostics + support for pneumatic systems manufacturers: WABCO, KNORR, BREMSE, HALDEX
  • Repair of electrical installations in heavy goods vehicles
  • Repair of pneumatic systems in heavy goods vehicles
  • Replacement of clutches + calibration – on trucks
  • Repair of suspensions in heavy goods vehicles
  • Repair of braking systems in heavy goods vehicles
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Our partners:

The workshop has the 1st category which is connected with the provision of services at the highest level. Our offer also includes post-warranty service and deferred payment terms for reliable companies.

Opening hours:
Monday – Friday 8.00 – 16.00

+48 58 6601819
+48 58 6601822