Many years of experience, certified quality, experienced staff, modern equipment, services in the Best Drive fleet system and LeasePlan, all of which you will find at NAS. We offer comprehensive solutions and services for passenger cars, vans, trucks and buses.

  • SALE TIRES of the most popular manufacturers at attractive prices,
  • INSTALLATION OF TIRES with the use of advanced TECO measuring devices, which you will find only in professional workshops,
  • Sale and assembly of RUN FLATs, tires that allow driving even after its damage,
  • FILLING WITH NITROGEN, in this area, we are a precursor on the North market. This solution ensures longer tire life, better grip, comfort, lower fuel consumption, and reduced risk of gunshots. Our service has its own generator by which we obtain nitrogen from the air with a concentration of 95 to even 99.9%,,
  • TIRES STORAGE in winter and summer season in accordance with the recommendations of producers,,
  • SERVICE OF AIR CONDITIONING SYSTEMS cars in all vehicles. We have certified devices of the company and our employees have the qualifications to operate automotive air conditioning systems in accordance with the Act of 15/05/2015 on substances that deplete the ozone layer and fluorinated greenhouse gases.

Many years of experience with the Goodyear Group, the Continental Group, and B-Direct Product with Bridgestone in the sale and service of truck tires guarantee professional service in which the fleets can tailor the offer to their needs.

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In addition, our clients can take advantage of other services, thanks to which they can comprehensively settle their matters in one place, we suggest: performing a registration review of all types of vehicles on our CCS, refueling at the MOYA Station, using 14 modern repair stations for trucks , liquidation of motor damage in lorries.

While waiting for the completion of the service, we invite you to use the Restaurant, which is located in our area or our waiting room where you can have a good time with coffee in front of the TV.

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