I. General Information

This privacy policy defines:

1. the way website user personal data is processed.
2. the kind of cookie files are used on the website and the policies of their use.
3. the rules of using the website and its printed content.

II. Personal Data

In the interest of the entrusted data internal procedures and recommendations have been developed. These have a role to prevent the availability of users data to unauthorized persons. The website user is asked to get acquainted with the below information as it plays a crucial role in the safe processing of website users personal data.

1. The Administrator of Personal Data is TS-Transport Service Sp. zo.o with its headquqrters located in Gdynia , 16 Hutnicza Street, post code 81-061, telephone number 58 660 18 14, e -mail:
2. The personal data delivered by the user will be processed for the following purposes:

a) with reference to the queries sent by the Administrator via e-mail messages or contact form attached on the website – with an aim to provide the user with answers, deliver information and services in connection with the queries, proceedings prior to signing the agreement or finally drawing the contract.
b) with reference to cookie files- website configuration, user authorisation, proceedings crucial for complete functionality of websites, safety reasurrance and website reliability.

3. The processing of user personal data is proceeded according to art.6 act 1 letter a ( user consent ). It may also be proceeded according to art 6 act 1 letter b ( with the aim to make an agreement or procedure before drawing an agreement ) of the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council ( EU) 2016/679 from 27 th April 2016 on the protection of natural persons data with reference to processing personal data and free exchange of such data and repeal of Directive 95/46/WE  ( ( hereinafter referred to as “RODO”).
4. User personal data will be processed by the Administrator  and will not be forwarded to other recipients. However, it cannot be excluded that the agents providing IT and www site operation host services for the Administrator may gain access to the extent required to provide these services, among others to service the website.
5. The user data will not be forwarded to third countries or international organisations.
6. Authorisation of the user to process personal data is on a voluntary basis, however, granting it is necessary to ensure proper website functionality and to provide answers to the messages sent via the contact form. Failure of authorisation to process personal data may prevent the realisation of targets, referred to above in act 2. Consent to process personal data may be withdrawn at any time by the user – in this case the user should contact the Administrator in a chosen way eg. by texting a message, by mail or by post. The withdrawal of authorisation will have no influence on the authorisation of the rights to process personal data before the withdrawal.
7. The user has the right to demand access to his personal data, its correction, withdrawal and limitation. The user may also raise an objection to the processing and may demand transfer of personal data. The realisation of the above enlisted rights may be limited by law.
8. The user personal data will be retained during the time essential for target realisation in which it was collected. The data will be withdrawn with the target realisation as well as its cessation.
9. At any time the user has the right to make a complaint about processing personal data to the supervisory authority ( ie. President of the Office Data Protection ).

III. Cookies

The hereby website makes use of cookie files – this is the data which is referred to in art 173 act from 16 th July 2004, telecommunications law. Cookie files are used on the website in order to ensure correct operations of the website, and adjust it to the user needs.

1. The holder who places the cookie files on the users final device of website cookie files and gains access to it is the website operator
2. Cookie files are small files which are sent by the server via the website. Next they are stored by means of the internet browser on the users device. Information about the user and his attitudes on the website is collected on the grounds of cookie files.
3.Cookies are used in order to enhance the user’s comfort and to gain information about  the website usage. The cookie files also aid to optimise the website and the shown content of the user. The main role of the cookie files is to meet the user’s requests concerning the website . The cookie files do not cause configuration changes in the user’s device and its installed programming.
4. The website may use session cookie files which undergo deletion after closing the internet browser window as well as lasting cookie files, saved for a defined time in the user’s final device.
5. If the user does not accept the usage of cookie files by the website he may set the installed browser on his device in such a way as to have the cookie files rejected automatically or to have the user informed every time the website demands saving the cookie files. The user may also delete the previously saved cookie files. For more information about deletion or rejection of cookie files the user should contact the supplier of his internet browser. However, in case the browser rejects the cookie files it may have a negative impact on the functionality of the website.

IV. Using the content placed on the website.

1. All content placed on the website , texts, logo, images, graphics, trademarks, files are protected by the Administrator copyright and constitute his industrial property.
2. The user is not authorised to use or export any content placed on the website. The user is authorised exclusively to preserve content placed on the website in order to be acquainted with the offer or range of commodities/ services oferred by the Administrator in order to relate with him.
3. Unauthorised usage or export of content placed on the website will constitute violation of the Administrator rights and may yield claims against the user and instigate lawful actions, not excluding actions before court or other organs.

V. Final Regulations

1. In the website there may be links to other websites. These sites function independantly of the Administrator and they are not supervised in any way. These sites may possess own documents concerning privacy policy or regulations of providing services via e mail which the Administrator does not answer to.
2. The Administrator restricts the rights to introduce changes in the website privacy policy.
3. In case of doubts concerning any of the privacy policy records the user should contact the Administrator via the contact data provided in the Privacy Policy.

This website uses cookie files and technologies alike. If you fail to change the settings, cookies will be saved in the memory of your device. In order to make use of the following website it is necessary to grant approval to use the cookie files. Find out more about cookies, the way of processing your personal data and rights in your privacy policy.

Yes, I understand. I approve.- the approval should be recorded and declared.

It is recommended that after clicking the underlined text the user is transferred to a subsite containing the privacy policy.

The insets under the contact form

– I agree / I give consent to the processing of any personal data trasferred via the contact form TS Transport Service Sp. zo.o with its headquarters in Gdynia in order to provide an answer to my message and to continue further correspondence.

– I declare that I have become acquainted with the content of Privacy Policy .

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